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What glass should I use? Here is a guide to help you determine which type of glass is best suited for your needs.

  • 1/8"- Best for picture frame glass, kitchen cabinet doors, replacement window glass and small craft projects.
  • 3/16"- Best for some table tops and table inserts.
  • 1/4"- Best for furniture protection, table tops, some windows, inserts and shelving.
  • 3/8"- Best for frameless shower doors, shelving, base supported table tops, store fronts and offices.
  • 1/2"- Best for larger frameless shower enclosures, freestanding table tops and shelves, offices and store fronts.
  • 3/4"- Best for large, freestanding table tops and shelves.

What types of edges are available?

  • Beveled- An angled cut radiating 1/4" to 2" from the edge, around the perimeter. We usually do not recommend beveling protective furniture tops as they are easily chipped if the piece gets a lot of use.
  • Polished- A finished edge such as what you might see on a new piece of furniture.
  • Seamed edge- Removing the sharp edges.
  • Corners: Square
  • Radius- This is often referred to as a "dime" or a "quarter" The corner is shaped like the curvature of a coin. They can also be figured in inches.
  • Clipped- The sharp corner angle is "clipped" off.

What is tempered glass?

  • Tempered glass is glass that has been run through a tempering oven to strengthen it. If it breaks, it explodes into tiny pieces instead of sharp shards of glass. This type of glass is required by code for all shower enclosures, side lights of doors and glass doors, windows in showers and tubs and any glass that sits just above the floor. Tempered glass can never be cut. All sizes must be exact!

What is laminated safety glass?

  • Laminated safety glass is glass that sandwiches a PVB layer. This enables is to crack like a car windshield if it should break. This glass can often be substituted for tempered glass. In thicker, custom made applications, it is called hurricane glass. In addition, it is also used for sound proofing studios.

Are there color and pattern options?

  • Tinted glass comes in grey or bronze. Unfortunately, this will make any scratch highly visible. There are may patterns and obscurity available. Rain and satin are the most popular and the least expensive. Pattern glass is often used for cabinet door inserts, privacy and art installations. We carry over 50 patterns for any type of project.

What about mirrors?

  • 1/8"- Used for small projects, backs of china cabinets and bookcases and small frame
  • 1/4"- Mirrored walls, large vanity mirrors, gyms and dance studios, large frames, ceilings and security angles, including 1 and 2 way mirrors.

We hope this guide will help you make informed decisions regarding your glass and mirror projects. As always, we are here when you need us to help you in any way we can!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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