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Luxury Frameless Glass Shower Door Companies in Oviedo, Florida

The Glass Depot is the only trusted, local name to help solve all your tile and glass needs. Servicing those located in Oviedo, Florida, the business has been family owned and operated for over twenty years. The staff at Tile & Glass understands the difficulties that arise when remodeling your home, and the tough decisions that come up. Many times people are disappointed with their renovation results because the end-product was simply not what they had imagined it would be. Let Tile & Glass bring your vision to fruition, with the help of its fully staffed showroom!

The Tile & Glass Depot owns the largest and fully staffed show-room in central Florida! This makes it possible for the customer to see up close and feel first-hand all of the materials they will be purchasing. The wide varieties of products available are of superior quality. The knowledgeable staff is available to answer questions, offer suggestions, and to guide customers every step of the way.

The specialties of the Tile & Glass Depot include frameless shower doors, tiles and stone, and mirrors and glass. Glass projects can be as simple as heavy frame-less glass shower enclosures, or they can be more complex like barn-style glass doors for showers as well as closets. Glass can be fitted for conference rooms, wet rooms, cellars and wine display, private offices, and much more. A one-size-fits-all plan for glass will simply not do, because many walls are not square. Each project is very different. All the glass at Tile & Glass is custom made and cut specifically to fit your needs, so that the installation is perfect. If anything has to be remade or redone due to imperfections in the glass, Tile & Glass will take care of it, and offer a lifetime warranty on the product!

Tile & Glass can also address all your tile and stone needs. There are so many possibilities to consider! That’s why Tile & Glass is available for complimentary design consultation—to give the customer the best information to assist them in making important decisions. The knowledgeable and professional staff are excellent resources that canprovideyou with confidence in choosing your design. Materials available include limestone, slate, marble basalt, quartzite, porcelain, stainless steel, hand-made ceramic, and more. Need your bathroom remodeled, we work with leading orlando plumbing contractors. We got you covered.

Choosing dimensions for mirrors and glass can also be an area of difficulty for the customer. Tile & Glass will help you choose the plan that is appropriate for you. Small mirror projects might include the backs of china cabinets and bookcases. Larger needs might be mirrored walls, vanity mirrors, mirrors for gyms and dance studios, 1 and 2 way mirrors, and others. For glass needs, the expert staff is experienced in dealing with projects involving kitchen cabinet doors, table tops, furniture protection, windows, store fronts, and so much more. They can inform you and help you decide on smaller details like edges, corners, and different types of glass options including tempered glass, laminated safety glass, tinted glass, and patterned glass. Tile & Glass will provide you with all the options available, and guide you through the decision making process.

There’s a good reason most Tile & Glass customers return again and again. They can offer you the best expert advice, and make your decision process less stressful. For all your glass, tile, and mirror needs, make sure you get the desired product that you want. Bring your vision to life with the Tile & Glass Depot!

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